Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Being Happy.

Few common tips I do like to keep myself reminded at all times. For me the ultimate goal in life is to keep happy, and being happy does not mean you are being ignorant of all the ill fate and not-so-good things around you, but it is all about how you perceive these not-so-good things.

Not going into too much details following are few steps:

1. Everyone in this world is evil and we all know this. But your task is to find out good in others and praise that trait rather than exploit the evil and complain about it. (Be Good!)

2. Always try to remain unbiased, no matter how interesting the confusion may occur to you,and how good you are in it, try to keep away from the inter-personal disputes and hold strong to your view whatever the circumstances you are in by only commenting once invited. (It will help to enhance long term credibility)

3. Being good does not mean you get any sort of acknowledgement or praise from people around you, or you earn any sort of respect. So, never expect, expectations are worst enemy. Keep doing good, as one suppose to, without expecting any kind of return. (Keeps your BP normal)

4. Every stranger is a nice person, regardless of their shape, colour, attire or language. The book should not be judged by its cover, same goes for the Human beings. Everyone is a good person unless you are affected by its evil or have seen someone doing real wrong. (Wrong and right is your personal opinion)

5. Try to find common goods between yourself and people you suppose to meet(friends, family or even colleagues). This will help in strengthening healthy relationship, by ignoring all the faults you may able to find in others personality. (Keeping a healthy relationship with all)

And that's about it. I am sure people must have written heavy books on this topic and there has to be different opinions on how to keep oneself happy at all times, but what I have presented here is most simplistic approach I tend to follow myself.

I believe following these terms would make your daily life simple to deal with.

Your opinions and comments are always welcome.